Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Consumers Should Know About Beef

It seems animal and food production are constantly in the media these days.  Usually, to announce a food borne illness.  So, as a beef producer and consumer I thought I would share some tips to in regards to beef.

1. Most food borne illness in regards to meats, such as beef, are caused by unsafe handling during preparation.  Consumers need to be certain their beef products are being cooked to the appropriate temperatures. Temperatures differ based upon what type of beef cut you are preparing.  Click here for a guideline.

2. Avoid cross contamination by washing hands in the kitchen and keeping cooked and uncooked products separate during preparation.

3. Grass Fed Vs. Grain Fed: This comes down to a personal choice.  Contrary to public perception, grain fed animals are not mistreated.  We use a combination of grain and pasture (grass) feeding for our beef.  There will be flavor differences between the two products.

4. Restaurants stating they serve "Black Angus beef"are practising false advertising.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the beef these restaurants serve, but these restaurants are trying to confuse consumers.  There is a Certified Angus Beef (also known as CAB) program that has a rigorous flavor standards for products.  Beef products that are a part of the CAB program will be labeled as such.  Restaurants and groceries selling Certified Angus Beef also use the CAB logo on their menus and packaging.

For more information visit the USDA website.

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    This is really a useful post, I'm happy to know that grain fed animals are not mistreated, because here in my area I can't fing grass fed beef!