Saturday, September 22, 2012

Infertility after Pregancy: My Story

In August 2005 my life joyfully changed forever with the birth of our daughter.  I had a non eventful pregnancy with no trouble and had our daughter via c section, which I recovered from easily.  Three months later, I started on a journey that has also changed my life forever.  Due to scar tissue build up (referred to as adhesions) I started having pain in my left side; this led to a hysterectomy (after the birth of our son), which I though would be the end of the complications.  Unfortunately, I now have nerve problems in the incision site, and this is painful.  So, a week ago I had a procedure done by a pain management specialist; I should know in about 6 weeks if the procedure worked.  I am keeping my fingers crossed because if it works I will be able to spend a lot more time chasing around my kids!

I will never regret the decision to have the c section because it led to a healthy birth.  However, I run into pregnant women all the time who want elective c sections or think it is easier than delivering normally and I hope my story gives them pause.

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