Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Favorite Bath Tub Reads for June

Here are my favorite picks of the books I have red this month:

"Water for Elephants" by Sara Greun

"Deeper Than The Dead" by Tami Hoag

"Step on a Crack" by James Paterson

The Huxtable Family Series by Mary Balough

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4-H: My Story

I am a 4-H Youth Development professional in Southwestern Indiana, which means like most moms with careers outside the home my work days start really early and sometimes end late in the evening. My career often involves everyone in my family. My husband often helps at 4-H events and serves as a 4-H project judge during the 4-H Fair. My kids are often found at meetings with me or staying with my mom until I get finished with work.

Every year in over 3000 communities around the country, 4-H is highlighted at county fairs. Although 4-H is the largest youth serving organization in the United Stated (over 50 percent of our membership comes from residents of cities), we started as an agriculturally based program. Fortunately for our 4-H members and communities, agriculture still has a large presence in our programming. Animals are a wonderful teaching tool and research is showing 4-H livestock project members develop leadership, responsibility and caring as well as science skills when they participate in livestock related activities.

During a time when the livestock industry is being targeted with unwarranted criticism, I encourage everyone to talk to a 4-H member about their animal projects. I know in a few weeks I will be walking through the barns at our 4-H fair, and I know the one things I will see is a mutual caring and respect evident between the 4-H members and their animals.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Deeper Than They Dead Book Review

I just finished Tami Hoag's newest book released earlier this year. It is an addictive, page turning suspense filled read. A bonsus is that it takes place in 1985; so it is a trip down memory lane for those of us that remember shoulder pads, life without cell phones, and big hair.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing Daphne the Pig

Over the last few months, our little girl has joined her cousins in the show arena with pigs.

Our little girl is starting her journey as a "show woman" with Daphne the pig. As a former horse showman, I am thrilled that she is having the opportunity to show livestock (even thought I wish it was a horse). Showing Daphne will start her on a journey that includes a love and respect of animals and animal agriculture that the general public never gets to experience.

For fun and accurate information on animal agriculture visit the OARDC Blog.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The home made bird feeder

At a recent 4-H activity, we found a really cool way for kids to make their own bird feeder.

Step 1: Take a pine cone.
Step 2: Cover it with peanut butter and bird seed.
Step 3: Secure a string to the pine cone
Step 4: Hang your new bird feeder outside and enjoy.