Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing Daphne the Pig

Over the last few months, our little girl has joined her cousins in the show arena with pigs.

Our little girl is starting her journey as a "show woman" with Daphne the pig. As a former horse showman, I am thrilled that she is having the opportunity to show livestock (even thought I wish it was a horse). Showing Daphne will start her on a journey that includes a love and respect of animals and animal agriculture that the general public never gets to experience.

For fun and accurate information on animal agriculture visit the OARDC Blog.


  1. You are SOOOOOO Amazing!!! So can you bring us some BACON for girls' weekend? Just kidding! Hope she has fun!

  2. Hogs is a good and easy project for younger 4-Her's to get into. Have fun giving them a bath.