Friday, July 27, 2012

Beyond the Job

Last week was the local county 4-H fair.  To most people, the 4-H fair is a fun filled,family time of   4-H, animals, rides and games.  As a 4-H youth educator, the 4-H fair is part of my job responsibilities.  This means very long hours away from my kids and husband and dealing with complaints.  And this year is it was lots of complaints.

Now, to try and forget how truly mean people can be about competition, I am trying to remember the most important part of my life is beyond the job with my kids, my husband and my awesome friends and co-workers.  Oh, and maybe I can get my new hydrangea bush to survive the drought.


  1. Hey, stopping by from 5 Minute Friday! Sometimes don't you just want to say, "really? there is more to life than this?" I used to be a part of the 4-H when I was a kid. It's such a wonderful program! Have a blessed day!

  2. Oh after 15 years in retail before I went back to college I am well acquainted with crazy petty complaints. I never had the 4-H experience but thanks for giving of yourself for the kids!