Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Cleaning Adventure

To motivate myself, I joined the Spring Cleaning Challenge being hosted this month by a group of bloggers.  Today, I cleaned and organized my son's room.  This was a challenge for me because he has a pup tent that he loves to play in, but there is not enough space in his bedroom for the tent to be up all the time. SO, his room has been an obstacle course of toy and tent.  I accomplished the organizing of his room by:
1. I put some of his toy boxes in his tent.  He helped select what toys he wanted in his tent. Now he has space for the tent and still has toys in his room.

2. We went through the toys in his room and are donating the toys he is no longer playing with.  This left me with an empty basket that I put the kids barn/outside shoes in which makes me sooo happy because these shoes have been piled together next to the washer and dryer.

Do you have any spring cleaning plans?


  1. I have been needing some tips for organizing my kids' rooms! Awesome ideas!!

  2. You have done brilliant job. If I did this, it would last a few days and then be back to normal!

    1. Thanks. So far everything is still in the tent:)